Daily Notices



*Change of meeting day*

The 40 Hour Famine is happening in a few weeks on the 7th-9th of June. If you want to be involved in NZ's largest youth fundraising event which is continuing to support the children of South Sudan by providing them with basic essentials such as food, shelter and water, then come to a meeting in E15 on Wednesday at Interval.

Remember, you don't need to starve yourself for 40 hours. There are plenty of things you can do to raise funds for World Vision this year.

Come along to sign up and get your pack.
- Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 (HI)
The following students still need to come and pick up their First Aid Certificates from the Gateway office:
Ben Scrivener
Melissa Cousins
Ryan Blyth
Tracey Behrent
- Tuesday 14th May, 2019 (KWE)

General Notices

Timetable for the Late Start Friday: Pd 1, 2, 3, 5.
All permission slips need to come back in as soon as possible.
Come and watch the acting, singing and a whole bunch of dancing as the Dance Dept proudly presents its Year 13 Repertoire. On two nights only this week: Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th in the UHC hall. Tickets on Thursday are $2 for students and children and $5 for adults. Friday $5 per ticket for everyone. Doors open at 6.15pm. Cash door sales only. Don't miss out!
Could all performers please get their permission slips and media release forms back asap.
Could all those dancers involved in the Renaissance dance please come to the hall at the start of interval today for a rehearsal.